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Building Facebook Brand Page
Posted by Viktor Klymonchuk, Last modified by Viktor Klymonchuk on 10 September 2011 03:04 PM

How to Build a Facebook Brand Page 

You must login under personal account first who is admin for the Brand Page.

1. Create a Facebook page

2. Add the Static FBML App to your page.

3. Click “Add to my page” and then choose the page you want the FBML to be added to

4. Go to the “Settings” of your page, find Apps -> FBML-FBML -> select “Go to app”

5. Insert your code
- sample code:

6. Set the FBML Box as the Default Landing Tab:

- Click "Edit Page" underneath the profile picture when viewing your Page
- Select "Manage Permissions" from the left sidebar
- You will see an option called "Default Landing Tab." From there, you can select which tab your Page will default to. Be sure to save your changes to ensure that this is what people will see when they visit your Page for the first time. 

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